Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top 10 - Jason Horn

Jason Horn is the creator and publisher of the independent comics Gruff and Ninjasaur. He is also a good friend, a consummate travel companion and a frequent topic of Tim Callahan's post-convention reports. In short, Jason Horn is one of the good guys. What follows are the creators that are currently inspiring his work.


10: Robert Kirkman – The dude writes quite a few books, but doesn’t skimp on any of them.

9: Guy Davis – Guy is probably most well known for his prolific BPRD pencils, but his writing
on the Marquis is equally worthy of praise.

8: Paul Cornell – A great new addition to the long list of solid British superhero writers.

7: Roger Langridge – I sat next to Roger at one of my first shows but didn’t know who he was. I didn’t know why everyone was so nervous to meet him. If you read his comics, you know why.

6: John Arcudi –Most people probably give Mignola most of the credit for the Hellboy stuff,
but Arcudi’s writing on BPRD should not be overlooked. For years now, this guy has made me
care about characters that are essentially guy made of smoke, a fish-man, and a guy grown in

5: Darwyn Cooke – The man can draw. Everyone knows that. But he writes and tells stories with
those drawings. This is a skill that goes way beyond just penciling well.

4: J. H. Williams III – Now that Williams is drawing and writing Batwoman, I get to include
him on BOTH lists! He is innovative without getting lost in the storytelling. That is not an easy
thing to pull off, but he does it every issue.

3: Walt Simonson – I started going to cons too late to meet Kirby. But getting to meet Simonson
is as close to meeting a living legend as it gets in this business. If you don’t agree, read more of
his work.

2: Mike Mignola – Mike has crafted one of the greatest long-form storytelling feats in modern
comic’s history. Hellboy is easily the most consistently great comic being published.

1: Grant Morrison – His work on Batman this year took a while to take complete shape, but
when it did I was awestruck. The man is a mad genius.

Jason built an artist list too, but since most of them were duplicates of his writer entries, I'll spare you the redundancy. Don't forget to check out Jason Horn's comics and to grab a commission or a book from him at his next convention!

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