Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Windy City

I've been in the Windy City for a week now and so far, so good. Situation's a little less fluid than I'd hoped, but I'm adjusting well. Right now I'm searching for part-time work to help supplement funding for This Batman Life, which is going a lot worse than I'd expected. Oh well, chin up old boy. There's still the Onion AV Club interview. One of the fascinating things about the project in relation to Chicago is the fact that the girl working the counter at GMart comics knew all about it. Internet famous without even really trying.

For those of you wondering, I do intend to continue the project regardless of the Kickstarter outcome. It will likely take on a different form, with less travel and more of the stuff happening in Chicago proper, but I'll still be doing it. There will also be a PayPal donation button on the site itself, so people can still give money if they think it a worthy cause.

The Pitch Perfect team is in place as well. We're sussing out which character to "pitch" first right now. In case you're wondering about the line-up, right now we're sitting at myself, blogger Jessi Reid, all around comics badass Chad Nevett, Sequart superstar Kevin Thurman, Robot13 writer Thomas Hall and The Hero Code and Omnitarium creator Jamie Gambell. We'll also have true editorial guidance from guest editors including Andy Schmidt of Comics Experience (formerly of Marvel and IDW) and Christopher Cerasi, former licensed publishing editor for Lucasfilm and DC. Anybody have any suggestions on characters for which you'd like to see us construct pitches?

Aside from that I pitched my first story to a major publisher and I'm currently waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully it doesn't get dismissed out of hand, but if it does, it's back to the drawing board. I'm also having a powwow with a friend in Nashville next month about the possibility of bringing my superhero universe to life through self-publishing and I'll also be competing in Tyler James' 30 in 30 challenge. So it's going to be busy times for ol' GB Weems coming up. I'm excited!

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