Saturday, October 15, 2011

NYCC Day Two

Yesterday, I breathed the same air as Summer Glau. Summer Glau's air tastes better. Trust me.

Knowing people with more clout than you can sometimes have it's benefits. Sometimes, it lets you try hard not to stare at Summer Glau while she looks as bored as a human being can look when surrounded by an entourage. Sometimes it means you get free comics you could rarely afford otherwise. Sometimes it means you get inside information you can never, ever share. Sometimes, it means you get to see the Warren Ellis documentary before the final edit.

Two years ago I walked through the halls of New York Comic Con a fan. A fan with a glimmer of hope that maybe this dream of creating comics was attainable, but still just a fan. Two years later, I'm here as a professional, a fairly well respected (if less than prolific) one actually, and I'm overwhelmed at the serendipity of it all.

I can't say that day two at the convention was terribly different than day one. For the most part I didn't do much other than walk the floor, hang out with Chris Cerasi, meet new people and see old friends. Like I said, not all that different than yesterday. I made some new connections, maybe lined up a little work, set up a couple of interviews (J.G. Jones finally and Ryan Benjamin) and thoroughly wore myself out.

After the con, I was treated to a dinner party with some of Chris's friends that included the shortest game of Clue in which I've ever been involved and then headed to the Village for the Sequart screening of Captured Ghosts, the Warren Ellis documentary. Considering the film hasn't reached it's final editorial stage, I won't be dropping a lot of information about it yet, but trust me when I say if you're an Ellis fan you'll definitely enjoy it. The man is a character unto himself and just watching him talk is damned entertaining.

Other than that, I stayed up too late, slept too little and now I'm trapped in the basement of the Javits where they banish us trollish members of the comics press, trying desperately to find a signal so I can share all of this with you. Can't stop the signal? Like hell you can't. The Javits is expert at stopping the signal.

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