Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scripting Sample - The Question

Page One

Panel One: Question is in the foreground, crouched over the edge of a building that overlooks the criminal activity going on in the alley below. Beneath him in the alley is an unmarked white van, which we are seeing from above. Two men, dressed in traditional black henchmen garb (think Batman TV show) are loading a pallet of boxes (electronics, most likely) into the back of the van while another man, holding a clipboard and a cell phone, stands by, watching. The pallet has obviously just been removed from the building across the alley from the one upon which The Question crouches.

Panel Two: Closer shot now on the men. Both men are loading things into the back of the van, stacking boxes in tight, while the third man stands off to the side, gesturing at them with the clipboard and pointing at his watch to indicate that they need to hurry it up.

Panel Three: Wide panel. This shot encompasses the tops of both buildings and everything going on in the alley underneath. On the building to the left, Question can be seen firing his grappling gun. The gun’s zip line stretches across the alley and the grapple is impacted into the top of the other building. In after image, Question is seen sliding across the zip line to the other building and ends the shot standing on top of that building, looking down at the crooks.

Panel Four: Wide panel again. This shot comes from the side, showing one guy leaning against the van, tired. The other one squats behind him, obviously exhausted as well. The ring-leader stands beside them, a grin on his face as he looks over their completed work. Behind him, unbeknown to all three, Question is dropping into the shadows beside the building to sneak up on them all.

Page Two

Panel One: Close up shot. Question has crept up behind the ring leader and is choking him out silently.

Panel Two: Shot from the side again. The two goons have turned toward their fallen boss just in time to see Question spring into action. One goon takes the clipboard to the face as Question charges the other and tackles him into the back of the van.

Panel Three: Wide shot. The view comes from the back of the open van, boxes stacked roof-high. The thug tackled into the van lies knocked out against the bumper as Question walks toward the camera, jacket blowing behind him, fixing his hat back on his head.

Panel Four: Question crouching over the fallen ring leader. The man is still out cold as Question takes his cell-phone off of him.

Panel Five: Close up shot of Question’s gloved hand on the cell-phone. The screen reads, very clearly, 9-1-1.

Page Three

Full Page Shot: A group of cops is milling about, couple of patrol cars evident in the background, lights flashing. The thugs are all three tied up and gagged and the cops are standing over them, grinning. A couple of officers are standing beside the van, shining flashlights on the side. A bright, blue Question mark has been spray painted on the side of the van.


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