Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Living With Comics

I went back through the blog on Sean Gordon Murphy's Deviant Art page and found this, the first of his "Five" posts.  Murphy may not consider himself a great teacher, but I think anyone taking classes based on his principles would be doing themselves a service.


This interview with Ann Nocenti from CBR is pretty much the standard press release rehashing you'd expect, but there is a great question at the end about working with a collaborator who does not speak the same language as you.  This is a problem I assume DC has to tackle more often than most companies, as they hire so many artists from non-English speaking countries these days.


Jeff Parker, writer of Hulk and Thunderbolts, among other titles enjoyed thoroughly by this reader, has been posting scripts over at his website.  This guy is one of the most talented and helpful individuals working in comics today.  If you're interested in making comics, you'd do worse than to take a few pages from Jeff's book.


Tom Spurgeon responds to the James Sturm piece about Jack Kirby and boycotting the Avengers at Slate.  It's a good read, especially since it includes quotes from an interview Spurgeon did with Sturm where Sturm was doing anything but boycotting Marvel continuing to profit off of Jack Kirby.  Toward the end, Spurgeon talks about how Kirby was just sort of pushed aside by the industry when his desire to retain some control over all the work he'd done became inconvenient.  Sounds a lot like what we're doing to Alan  Moore now, eh?


Finally, in response to this ridiculous M.I.A. "middle finger" controversy, I wrote this on my Facebook wall.

"If the world worked like wrestling, we'd find out today that Vince McMahon is actually the head of the FCC and this is all just a giant smear campaign against M.I.A. At Wrestlemania, you'd see him berating her in the ring and the "Glass Would Break" and Austin would drop him on that stack of dimes he calls a neck, they'd both flip him off, and then M.I.A. would perform a rap over "Freebird" while Austin drank beers in the ring."

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