Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Long Wait Is Over

Wow! What a hiatus that was, huh? I promise I'm back and back for good this time, though. I've been working crazy hours at work and dealing with a lot of personal issues to boot, but things seem to finally be calming down. What does that mean for you? It means LOTS of PING! Mother Box PING!

I know, I know. Excitement cannot be contained.

I'll have some lists (my gmail ate them all!) soon and I'm also going to be launching a new column for the blog. I'm trying to teach myself how to cook (I got a ton of kitchen stuff and Mark Bittman's excellent How To Cook Everything for Christmas) and I have been thinking of how I could combine that with comic books. So here's the deal. Each week, I'm going to cook a meal and read a graphic novel. I'll blog about the process of learning to cook that new recipe, the joy of eating it and review the comic as well. I'll try and pair up the dishes with the comic in some way, although that won't always be possible. But if any of you out there have favorite recipes you'd like to see me tackle or favorite runs you'd like to see me review, just post them here and we'll give it a shot. I really want to see some participation from you guys on this.

It feels good to be back, true believers. Let's get this show on the damn road.

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