Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tools of the Trade - Coffee

When I was a kid, that stewing, acrid slop my parents scarfed down every morning was fouler than just about anything I could imagine. I never liked how it smelled, never liked how it tasted and thought it looked like what Darkseid's blood probably looked like, were anyone ever capable of drawing any.

Then I got to college and started rolling with all these punk rock kids, staying out late, hanging at shitty diners and ignoring responsibilities, and I noticed something. All those cats drank coffee! Well, I want to be hip by trying so hard not to be just like the rest of these cats, so I'll drink some coffee.


Hey Mikey, I think he likes it.

I'm not sure if coffee is just one of those things you have to grow to love, but somewhere between adolescence and college, I found the proper adoration. I started drinking coffee on a daily basis. Since that moment, my love of coffee has grown, so that now I can even tell the difference between a staggeringly excellent cup of coffee and a soul-crushingly bad one. But coffee has another use other than pleasure; FUEL!

When I'm writing, nothing gives me the energy to power on, the fire to burn away the haze, quite like a cup (or three) of good coffee. My particular cup of choice comes from Ugly Mugs coffee house here in East Nashville, TN, which serves Drews Brews coffee, an excellent local blend. Ugly Mugs is the kind of coffee house that breeds creativity. It just has such a great energy to it (and excellent free wi-fi) that being here is never a distraction, always a boon. I've done a large deal of the blogging you've seen on Surfing and now on Ping inside the well lit domain of this coffee shop. I'm there right now, actually.

Coffee gives me the edge without landing me in jail (no thank you, prescription drugs). I don't know how I'd write without it!

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