Friday, August 19, 2011


I've been crashing at my folks' place before moving to Chicago and that means unfettered access to the internet for free. For the most part I've used this power to watch television shows for free and get lost in massive Wiki-pitfalls, but I've made the occasional detour into actual news (okay, actual Geek News). This new found well of information got me thinking that I should do a wrap-up/commentary on various things happening in the Geek-o-sphere that intrigued or entertained me. Here goes.

Let's start with the fact that I just found an uninterrupted airing of Ghostbusters in HD on this wonderful television and, as per usual, I've noticed something new. My latest observation about the movie, you ask? Well, Nixon is widely considered to be a draconic madman who ran amok with the American government (right? I mean, that sums it up? Very scholarly observation of history), a conservative juggernaut with little regard for the will or the rights of the American people. Few people remember that he started some very liberal social programs, including the Environmental Protection Agency. It occurs to me that the agent from the EPA in Ghostbusters is the only Nixonian style portrayal of the EPA you're likely to find. I mean, he's one step away from be-eagled epithets and jackboots.

Moving on to the state purpose of this posting, I bring you this to whet your appetite. The guys at Let's Be Friends Again have begun hosting a forum on their website. At some point since it's inception, a discussion about comics erupted. Just one thing: these comics aren't real. Via Comics Alliance --

My buddy Tribe One, a nerdcore rapper who often performs with fellow bud Adam Warrock, released his newest single in conjunction with Adam's newest donation drive. Go check out the track and donate some money to the cause of awesome. Via --

The Ghost Rider 2 trailer dropped today. With increasingly-hilarious-despite-himself-Nic Cage and the guys behind the magnificent Crank series at the heart of this, I can't see how it could possibly fail. Check out the fiery trailer here. Via Comics Alliance --

It's a few days old now, but blogger Emma Carmichael went undercover at the Gathering of the Juggalos and gave us a fan's eye view of the largest threat this country faces--drug fueled manchildren with a taste for misogyny and cheap beverages. Via the Gawker Network --

There's apparently a conference on the plausibility of building a space elevator every year. They recently wrapped up and io9 had this recap of the event. Via the Gawker Network --

Some footage of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth doing battle with aliens or soldiers or alien soldiers leaked off the set of The Avengers. It looks a hell of a lot cooler than those leaked Dark Knight set photos. Via YouTube --

I'll leave you with this absolutely ridiculous and seemingly arbitrary ranking of the 100 Most Important Sci-Fi/Fantasy books NPR released this week. Via --

That's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with another tour of the nerd world.

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