Saturday, August 20, 2011


Baltimore Comic-Con kicks off this weekend and I'm supposed to be there. Unfortunately, due to my lack of sufficient funding for this trip, I'm in my old room at my parents telling what few of you true believers aren't glued to CBR right now all the other places you should be looking cool nerd happenings.

This has got to be the first thing I tell you about. This has become a fairly high-profile-low-profile project, but I'd say there are still some of you out there that aren't familiar with it. DC Fifty-TOO is a collective of artists creating cover images for their own DC relaunch, a group of books they'd like to see get a new and fresh direction. Some of the best rising talent in comics is assembled on this thing so it bears closer scrutiny. DC FIFTY-TOO

io9 yesterday posted this extensive look at the evolution of pulp magazine cover art. It's a fascinating look back into the art of printing in America with some very cool images to tie it all together. io9 PULP

These terribly dull set photos, which I discovered over at Bleeding Cool, seem to settle the debate about Henry Cavill's costume in the upcoming Zak Snyder Superman film. Yes, is his cape does drag the ground like Batman's (little surprised at this as he doesn't need to use it to conceal himself) and no, it would seem he does NOT have red trunks. I don't really see the costume as being all that terrible, other than my questions about the cape, and Cavill does at least fill it out well. Bleeding Cool SUPER SET PHOTOS

It looks like the latest Marvel vs. Capcom will be bringing everyone's favorite psychadelic hero, Dr. Strange, to the video game world. This quick write up over at Gamma Squad has a cool video of some Sorcerer Supreme gameplay after the jump. gammasquad SORCERER SUPREME

This story was reported earlier this week, but I grabbed this info from Robot 6 this morning. It seems Chicago, soon to be my new home, is getting a small press, indie comic convention similar to A.P.E. and mocca. This is very good news indeed. robot 6 C.A.K.E

That will do it for this morning. Enjoy!

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