Sunday, August 21, 2011


So this weekend is Baltimore Comic-Con, but you wouldn't really know it to look around various comics news sites. Outside of a brief mention of the Harvey Awards at Bleeding Cool, I can't find anything about the convention at any of the big three press outlets (CBR, Bleeding Cool, Newsarama). Maybe I've just lost my ability to properly navigate comics sites?

Moving on, let me show you some seriously badass stuff I found around the web yesterday.

This, for instance, is amazing. -- via io9 AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

Genevieve Farley-Tremblay is making pin-up magic happen over at her art blog. Her artwork is inventive and playful, celebrating more realistic female proportions while still being firmly tongue in cheesecake. -- via Comics Alliance GENEVIEVE FARLEY-TREMBLAY

In a display of half-hearted civil disobedience, this out of shape Ben Reilly bedevils the streets of Poland with silly string skullduggery. -- via Topless Robot SPIDER-DOUCHE

This report shows that the British used hookers to distribute a bio-weapon among colonial troops in 1776. Interesting stuff for you history nerds. -- via io9 DOXIES & SMALLPOX

The latest from Disney and John Lasseter looks like it's going to blow some minds. -- via io9 WRECK-IT RALPH

Finally, we'll end it with Stan "The Man" Lee (who sometimes masquerades as a cackling, insane Nationals fan) throwing out the first pitch in a game between the Phillies and the Nationals. -- via Bleeding Cool EXCELSIOR!

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