Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scripting Sample - Superman Family Dinner

I wrote this a couple years back after a long plane ride to Alaska. I was in the air so long that I started to imagine superheroes darting in and out of the clouds. This script is what became of those daydreams. I always imagined Amanda Conner doing the pencils. Enjoy!

Page One

Panel One: Wide panel. The table is covered in a giant spread, food stretching from nearly one end to the other. Pa Kent is standing at the head of the table with a carving knife held over a fat, juicy roasted turkey. Ma Kent stands beside him, flour covered apron still on. They both look pensive, a little worried, a little annoyed. Lois is seated on one side of the table, there is an empty seat (for Clark) beside her. Jimmy and Lana are seated on the other side of the table with an empty seat (for Kara) beside them. Krypto sits on the floor at the end of the table, head cocked to one side, confused. Everyone looks much like the Kents, worried, frustrated and confused.

Panels Two - Four: Four panels in succession, each a close-up on a diner's face. The first is a close-up on Ma & Pa both, still looking concerned. Next is Lana, looking off to the side as if looking at the door, hoping Kara will walk through any second with her cousin in tow. Jimmy is next, with his chin in his hand and his eyes drooping, he just looks hungry. Then Lois, chewing on her bottom lip and looking ever curious, wondering where in the heck Clark could be.

LOIS (THOUGHT): Where are you, Smallville?

Page Two

Panel One: Another wide panel, showing Superman in full costume busting through a cloud. He's flying at the camera with a huge, laughing grin all over his face.

Panel Two: Similar shot but from farther above. Superman is looking over his shoulder, looking down at Supergirl who has burst from the same cloud and is following hot on his heels.

SG: Here I come, cuz!

Panel Three: This could be an insert panel if that would work better for the page layout. Again, pretty loose direction here. This is a close-up shot of Kara's outstretched hand latching onto Clark's boot.

Panel Four: Shot from over Kara's shoulder, looking down at Clark as he hurtles back down toward the clouds.

SG: Haha! You're it!

Page Three

Panel One: Clark giving chase, quickly catching up to Kara.

Panel Two: Clark and Kara whipping in and out of one another, circling, leaving criss-crossing trails of red and blue behind them.

Panel Three: Clark and Kara flying closer now, almost side by side, just laughing and smiling as big and as loud as they possibly can.

Page Four

Panel One: Shot of the Kent home and barn. Everybody's cars can be seen parked together outside the house. A field stretches out beyond the barn. In the background, two streaks, one red and one blue, can be seen shooting down into the ground behind the barn.


Panel Two: Shot of everyone around the table again. They're all knocked slightly off balance, looking a bit disheveled. The food is hopping up off of the table. Everyone looks slightly shocked of course.

Panel Three: Supergirl lying in one half of a shallow crater. Her face and her costume are smudged and dirty.

SG: Who won?

Panel Four: The second half of the shot, with Superman lying in his own shallow crater, the shot broken up by the gutter between the panels. His face and costume are also dirty, his hair disheveled.

SM: I...I'm not sure. I think you.

MA KENT (OP): If the two of you are quite finished...

Page Five

Full Page: Clark and Kara are slightly visible as they look up out of their holes at the dinner guests gathered above. All of them are looking down at the cousins, trying to appear annoyed but mostly just smiling. Jimmy is leaning on Lana, laughing his butt off, and Krypto's grinning, his tongue hanging out, tail wagging. Ma Kent has her arms crossed and is standing just to the front of everyone else.

MA KENT: May we eat?

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