Friday, November 11, 2011

Ollie and Hal

This is another quick all-ages script I threw together using DC characters. This time it's Green Arrow and Green Lantern with a SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE! Not as strong as the Superman Family Dinner piece, but I do think it's fun. This is the kind of stuff I'd love to do for DC; quick anthology-style all ages comics that would be a good gateway into their iconic characters for young readers. Enjoy!


Panel One: Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan are seated at a table in a neighborhood pub, dressed in street clothes. Ollie should have on a hat, like a newsboy hat, to sort of mirror his costume. Maybe a cable knit sweater and some jeans? Hal would definitely have on jeans and his trademark bomber jacket. Ollie has a half-finished pint of beer in front of him and Hal is nursing a cocktail. Ollie looks pretty animated and Hal is grinning, but he looks a bit skeptical.

HAL: No way you can shoot a bottle with an arrow faster than I can break one with my ring!

OLLIE: More money flyboy, less talk.

Panel Two: Closer on both men. Similar composition, different angle. Ollie is making little air quotes.

HAL: Ollie, my ring is a cosmic power generator. Anything I will it to do just...happens.Instantaneously!

OLLIE: Everything takes time, spaceman. Even things that happen in an instant.

Panel Three: Closer on Ollie. He has a huge grin on his face.

OLLIE: My kung fu is stronger than your jewelry.

Panel Four: Ollie standing. He has his mask in one hand and is throwing down a wad of cash with the other. Hal has his face in his hand, sort of half looking up at his friend.

OLLIE: Out back, costumes, ten minutes.


Panel One: Shot from behind a wooden fence. Two glass bottles sit near one another on the top beam of the fence. Ollie and Hal, in full costume, are standing next to one another in the background. Ollie is leaning on his bow and pointing toward the bottles.

OLLIE: Here's the bet, Jordan.

Panel Two: Close up of Ollie's bow, arrow knocked, string pulled tight. There are some action lines coming off it, almost like it gleams with power or catches the light just right.

OLLIE (Off Panel): My bow...

Panel Three: Similar panel, only this time it's a shot of Hal's arm stretching into the sky, fist clenched, a spray or halo of green energy coming off the ring.

OLLIE (OP): ...versus your ring.

Panel Four: Shot from behind Ollie and Hal, both of them turned slightly toward one another. The fence and the bottles are visible in the background.

OLLIE: When I say go, I shoot an arrow and you shoot with your ring.

OLLIE: Whoever breaks their bottle first wins the cash.

HAL: Ollie, this is ridiculous.

PAGE THREE (Special Set-up: Six panel grid, Ollie down the left side, Hal down the right.)

Panel One: Shot of Ollie from about the torso up, drawing back an arrow, one eye closed as he aims.

OLLIE: Ready?

Panel Two: Similar shot of Hal, arm outstretched, ring in the foreground as bold as ever.

HAL: Haha...ready.

Panel Three: Close up on the bottle, blurry Ollie in the distance.

Panel Four: Same shot, but with Hal.

Panel Five: Shot of Ollie from the side, bow steady, arrow pulled back, ready to fire.


Panel Six: Similar shot, but of Hal.


Panel One: Wide shot, half page. Ollie and Hal standing next to one another, weapons at the ready.


Panel Two: Shot of both bottles next to one another. One is untouched, the other is breaking into two pieces with a green flash going right through the middle.

Panel Three: Up close shot of Hal's face, his mouth open in shock.

HAL: How?

Panel Four: Ollie leaning into the shot, grinning. Hal is still in shock.

OLLIE: It's all in the wrist, old chum. All in the wrist.


Full Page: Ollie is standing in a room with The Flash. Barry has cash in one hand and he's shaking Ollie's hand with the other. They're both laughing.

CAPTION 1: Later.

BARRY: And Hal never even suspected I was there?

OLLIE: He never had a clue, man! You were great!

BARRY: Hey, it was my pleasure. I still owed him one for that thing with the cookies at last year's JLA Christmas party.

OLLIE: Ha! Thanks again, Barry. Take care.


Panel One: Wide shot of Ollie and Hal walking together down the sidewalk. They're back in their street clothes now. Hal has his hands thrust into his jacket and Ollie is patting him on his back.

CAPTION 1: Later still.

HAL: I just don't get it. I mean, I didn't even get a shot off before...pow!

OLLIE: You're just a little off your game. Better luck next time!

Panel Two: Close on Hal's face, looking to the left.

HAL: But, the only person I know who's that fast is--

Panel Three: Ollie's face, looking to the right.

OLLIE: Hey! Why don't I buy you some chow? Comfort food makes everything better.

Panel Four: Wide shot, similar to the first, only this shot comes from behind our two heroes. Ollie still has his hand on Hal's back.

HAL: I just don't get it, Ollie. How did you get so fast?

OLLIE: What can I say, buddy? Some of us are just...natural athletes.

OLLIE: Now come on. Let's go find some pie!

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