Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scripting Sample - Wolverine 2-page

Here's an X-Men/Wolverine all-ages thing I did as an exercise. This is about two years old now.


Panel One - Close up shot on a hand, slightly covered on the back with dark hair. The hand is holding a sharp edged kitchen knife.

CAP: Certain situations demand a certain kind of man...

Panel Two: Close up shot again, this time of a white kitchen towel dappled with bright, red blood.

CAP: A man capable of doing things others just aren’t capable of doing...

Panel Three: Close shot from above of what appears to be a kitchen table. On the table is the kind of canvas pouch that you can roll out from the middle, typically used to store archaeology or grilling tools or, ya know, torture devices. The hands are holding the pouch, still rolled up, just above the table.

CAP: The sort of man who always knows the right tool for the job...

Panel Four: Close up of the lower half of a man’s face, five o’clock shadow evident. He has a sort of wry, half-grin on his face, the kind of look a person has on their face when they’re very, very pleased with themself.

CAP: And always gets the desired result.

Page Two

Full Page Shot: This is a big group shot. A group of X-Men in street clothes and various mutant students are milling about the patio area outside the kitchen of the Xavier Institute. Wolverine is standing in the doorway of the sliding glass doors, holding a plate stacked high with uncooked steaks. In the other hand he’s holding the unrolled canvas pouch, full of grill tools. He’s got a big grin on his face. Cyclops is standing by the grill, hand on his ruby quartz glasses.

Wolverine: Alright Slim, fire up the grill! Steaks are on the way!

CAP: My name is Logan, and I’m the best there is at what I do.

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