Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Living With Comics

Faith Erin Hicks humbly tells us she's sorry because she doesn't think this post is very helpful, which is funny, since she'd just completed the definitive piece on being a freelance comics creator.  It's on the front page, so just scroll down.

On the same subject, Comics Beat has a great aggregate story about just what it takes to survive in comics today and the different problems piracy and creator apathy can present to that survival.

Expanding on the problem of a collapsing (or at least paradigm shifting) comics industry and the effect of piracy (as well as other factors) on sales, is the very talented David Brothers.

 David is quoted in the above piece from Comics Beat, but his whole commentary is worth reading.

I dug up this bit about how to approach finding work on the convention floor by Chris Sotomayor for Comics Experience.

And for your daily piece of Bat-phemera, here's a Batman for your Valentine.

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