Thursday, February 9, 2012

Living With Comics

Rich Burlew talked to Comics Alliance about the overwhelming support for his Order of the Stick Kickstarter campaign.  While the constant barrage of Kickstarter requests on your social media platforms may drive some of you up the wall, it's hard to argue with Kickstarter as a viable publishing model for creators looking to avoid (or having trouble getting into) more traditional funding platforms.  There is of course the fear that the bubble will burst, but so far Kickstarter seems to be sticking around and giving many creators the chance they otherwise wouldn't have.

Speaking of successful Kickstarter campaigns, my friend Jamie Gambell ran one last year for his superhero book, The Hero Code.  Jamie is now looking to expand that universe with two more titles, The Intranauts and The Black Wraith.  Jamie had an update about the progress of the two books over at his blog.  Fans of PING! might want to take a look, as yours truly is the writer of the Black Wraith series.

In the "Why do I do this again?" section of today's Living With Comics, here's the story of Marvel's absolutely heinous treatment of Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich.

Friend of PING! (and an upcoming interviewee) Kurtis J. Wiebe posted a piece on his blog today about looking back and seeing just how far he's come in the time he's spent trying to break into comics.  It's a good bit of affirmation for those of you struggling to make a living in the business and does, as cheesy as it sounds, show that hard work will pay off.

And, to make you all feel even BETTER after reading that Gary Friedrich piece, here's a bear and a wolf that are best friends.

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