Monday, February 13, 2012

Living With Comics

Jeff Parker's website is quickly becoming one of the best resources online for creators.  This morning he posted a breakdown of how he works with potential collaborators before the publication stage and invited other creators to weigh in in the comics section.  The piece works so well that I felt the need to suggest to Jeff that he put together a message board similar to the one that Warren Ellis used to run.  Fingers crossed.

Adam Knave took a moment to talk about all the reasons he still loves comics.  Given the relatively terrible pall cast over the industry over the last two weeks, it makes for a refreshing and inspiring read.

Chuck Wendig, a writer who writes quite a lot about how to be a writer, put this hilarious piece up on his blog last week.  It's pretty much a giant warning for anyone trying to be friends/lovers with a writer.

Kurtis J. Wiebe, whose PING! interview hits the blog tomorrow morning, posted some more awesome insight into his process at his Word Press blog this morning.

I'm loathe to include anything even remotely Disney-related after last week's news about Marvel and Gary Friedrich, but this guide by Carson van Osten is actually a great tool full of useful information on how to construct comic panels and pages.

And for your Bat-phemera, here's a picture of Chihuahuas dressed as Batman and Robin.

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