Monday, April 1, 2013

Stay On Target

That project I told you about is coming along nicely. To be a little less cryptic, I'm trying to put together an online magazine of sorts (similar to Nerdist, Machinima, etc) that covers my myriad interests. Years ago, when I started Surfing the Bleed, which then morphed into PING!, the goal was to educate people about how to break into comics. While the blog was never a massive traffic generator, I did achieve a very positive presence in the comics industry and like to think I helped out a few people along the way.

With this new project, I'm hoping to give the same attention to my other pursuits (advertising, stand-up comedy, film) that I've given comics. That's not to say that this new venture won't also cover comics, but the reason for Surfing/PING! when I started was to create a resource for new creators. When the blog began, there still weren't a lot of guides on how to break into the industry. Since then, many creators (Kurtis Wiebe, Jim Zub, etc.) have taken it upon themselves to impart their wisdom and the wealth of knowledge available to a new creator now is vast. I'll still continue to talk comics and do interviews, but it's time for me to expand.

So what you'll see with this new platform is not only comic book news and theory, but also stuff about advertising, film, stand up and improv comedy, a podcast and, if the good lord's willin' and the creek don't rise, a webcomic. In a word: content. And it won't just be from me. For a long time I've wanted to bring other contributors into PING! to get their perspective on things, but the focus of this blog was rather myopic. With the new project, there will be a lot of room for various viewpoints and I for one couldn't be more excited.

So hold onto your butts, true believers. The future is fast approaching.

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